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Cineflare HAND HELD 2.0 [VERIFIED]

As with all smartphones with high-end imaging potential, vivo has added professional imaging features such as the 4K Ultra-Sensing Night Videoo, 4K HDR Night Video, Handheld Astro, Super Moon and AI Night View, all designed to make the most of the large sensor and low light potential.

Cineflare HAND HELD 2.0

The first time I ever shot anamorphic was with these lenses. They offer some very beautiful results, especially the 40mm. They are extremely light and compact and very popular for gimbal and handheld work. Shooting with these was extremely liberating. I was able to hop onto a subway train and shoot in ambient light with these lenses without being completely over burdened by the weight. These lenses let you shoot anamorphic in roughly the same size housing as a Zeiss Super Speed. Depending on the set, they offer some creamy contrast wide open and very nice ghosting flairs.

The lenses are far from perfect. Depending on the particular set you encounter, they may be tack sharp and easy to work with, or may be softer, needing to be closed down to get a decent image and have mechanical slop making them an annoyance to tolerate. It comes down to the road the lenses traveled to reach your hands, and how well they were maintained along the way. Even in the best of cases, Kowas exhibit some imperfections such as barrel distortion (especially on the wider focal lengths), breathing and limited focus rotation. My love affair with the lenses stretches back nearly a decade now and understanding their characteristics and limitations can help work around some of their design shortcomings. A lack of maintenance or a bad apple amongst the bunch is another matter entirely; which is why I baby my personal set and need to have them serviced frequently.

The Kowas were the first set of anamorphics I ever used. And I picked them up at a time when I only had a passing understanding of the unique challenges and benefits of the format. And they spoiled me. I just assumed that every anamorphic lens out there had the same lightweight and easy to handle size, and effortless flares people love to pepper their frames with. It wasn't until I had a bit more experience that I realized this glass was special.

The X90 Pro serves up a 50MP IMX989 one-inch main camera (f/1.75, 1.6 micron pixels, OIS), a 50MP 2x portrait camera (IMX758) and a 12MP IMX663 ultrawide lens. A 32MP shooter handles selfies and video calls.

The devices also come with rapid charging. The Vivo X90 comes with a 4,810 mAh battery and the X90 Pro has a slightly larger 4,870 mAh battery. Both devices charge fast at 120W. In terms of software, both handsets come preloaded with Android 13 and FuntouchOS 13. The company offers balanced and fast-charging modes. The former will charge the dual-cell batteries slowly while the other will push it to the borders.

There are a lot of cool features co-developed with ZEISS. For instance, the Vivo X90 can capture images with high details in low-light conditions and also record videos without the loss of quality. There is also a Handheld Astro mode in photography that allows users to capture starry night shots in a few seconds.

On the other hand, the two Pro models will feature at least USB 3.2 speeds, which can go up to 40 times faster than the USB 2.0 speeds. Likely to the dismay of those who prefer the regular models, more premium features are coming to the Pro.

Vivo X90 and Vivo X90 Pro have launched globally after being unveiled in China back in November 2022. While the lineup also consisted of the Vivo X90 Pro Plus, this particular handset is currently exclusive to China, for now.

Apart from that, both handsets carry tons of unique camera features and modes developed by Zeiss such as Cine Flare Portrait, Zeiss Miniature Effect, handheld astrophotography mode, and many more.

Ans)The Vivo X90 will have three cameras placed up at the back. A 12MP ultrawide lens and a 12MP portrait sensor will be used in addition to the 50MP core sensor. The Vivo X90 Pro, on the other hand, has a 50 MP main camera, a 50MP telephoto lens and a 12MP ultrawide sensor. 350c69d7ab


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