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VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000: A Video/Controller/Teletext IC Family

VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000: A Video/Controller/Teletext IC Family

The VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 is a member of the VCT49X3F family of integrated circuits that provide video processing, controller and teletext functions for TV sets and monitors. The VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 features a 10-bit video ADC, a digital comb filter, a 3D video noise reduction, a picture enhancement engine, a scaler and deinterlacer, a display controller, an OSD generator, a teletext decoder and a microcontroller interface. The VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 supports various input and output formats, such as CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr, RGB, VGA and DVI.

vct49x3f pz f1000 datasheet pdf download

The VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 datasheet provides detailed information on the specifications, features, pin assignments, block diagram, functional description, electrical characteristics and application circuits of the IC. The datasheet also includes software programming guidelines and register maps for controlling the various functions of the IC. The datasheet is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from various online sources[^1^] [^2^] [^3^]. The datasheet is intended for engineers and technicians who design or service TV sets and monitors using the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC.

One of the applications of the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC is to design a TV set or monitor that can receive and display analog and digital video signals from various sources. The following figure shows a simplified application circuit of the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC for this purpose:

The application circuit consists of the following main components:

  • The VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC, which performs video processing, controller and teletext functions.

  • A 10-bit video ADC (U1), which converts analog video signals from CVBS, S-Video or YPbPr inputs to digital data.

  • A DVI receiver (U2), which receives and decodes digital video signals from a DVI input.

  • A VGA switch (U3), which selects either the output of the video ADC or the output of the DVI receiver as the input to the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC.

  • A display panel (LCD or PDP), which displays the video output of the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC.

  • A microcontroller (MCU), which communicates with the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC via an I2C bus and controls the functions and settings of the TV set or monitor.

  • An infrared receiver (IR), which receives remote control commands from the user and sends them to the MCU.

  • A teletext decoder (TTX), which decodes teletext data from the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC and sends them to the OSD generator.

  • An OSD generator (OSD), which generates on-screen display graphics and texts from the MCU and TTX and mixes them with the video output of the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC.

  • A power supply unit (PSU), which provides the required voltages and currents for all the components in the circuit.

The application circuit can be modified or extended according to different design requirements and specifications. For example, more input sources can be added, such as HDMI, USB or SD card. The display panel can be replaced by a CRT or a projector. The teletext decoder and OSD generator can be integrated into the VCT49X3F-PZ-F1000 IC. The MCU can be replaced by a microprocessor or a DSP. The power supply unit can be designed with different topologies and components. 0efd9a6b88


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