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Live Girl In Train Video Wallpaper

This stunning live wallpaper is a memorable story about a man and a girl who did not buy train tickets for anyone and conscientiously share one unfortunate ticket among themselves. They are standing on the train platform, looking out for the flight points with delight. Meanwhile, the mountains and trees are floating away. In admiration of the passing nature, they did not notice that the train had left, and they remained on the platform. They continue to express their love for each other, despite the fact that the train and their trip are a thing of the past.

Live Girl in Train Video Wallpaper


TriMet officers responded to a report of a 3-year-old girl who had been pushed onto the MAX train tracks at the Gateway Transit Center near the intersection of Northeast 99th Avenue and Pacific Street in Portland's Woodland Park neighborhood.

Surveillance video from TriMet, later released, shows the 3-year-old girl waiting with her mother on the platform near the tracks. Within seconds, a woman stands up from a bench behind them and pushes the girl onto the tracks. People are seen coming to the girl's rescue. They were able to quickly bring her back up to safety.

A private security officer witnessed the incident and told police that he saw Workman shove the young girl onto the train tracks for no apparent reason. Another witness said she just saw a "little girl flying into the tracks" face first and saw the child's head bounce off the metal of the track.

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