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Buy C C Grids !!TOP!!

It is important that you buy grids that are safe for your guinea pigs. The C&C grids that are best for your guinea pig cage are the 99 square panels which measure about 14 inches or 35.5cm with a 3.5cm or 1.4 inch gap in each square. Grids with a smaller gap are also safe.

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Grids that have less squares across the grid and larger gaps can be dangerous for guinea pigs because they can get their heads stuck in the holes. Baby guinea pigs may also be able to escape from these unsafe grids too. Even with the safe grids, you should ensure, if you have baby guinea pigs, that there is no risk of them getting stuck or escaping.

Since it is recommended to adopt guinea pigs in pairs, it is essential that they have a large enough space to live together & engage in playful activities while keeping themselves clean. Offbeat Club reduced the work for you by making custom, durable, 2x1 grids to make a bigger space with even less the hassle.

C&C cages are usually put together with 1x1 grids which can be very time consuming, and not to mention unstable. Our 2x1 Grids are very easy to attach and take apart. Our2x1 grid structure is proven to create a bigger, lighter, and more stable C&C Cage.

Our Offbeat anti-slip connectors are made of silicon and plastic, which helps grip the floor and avoid the cage from sliding. Our Offbeat Grids are coated with a special powder that doesn't remove easily. The powder makes grids are more resilient to chips and scratches, increasing an aesthetically pleasing look and the longevity of your guinea pig's habitat.

First, make the frame of the cage (only make the first level, as of right now). To assemble the frame, take two grids, and tightly zip tie them together, so that the cage is very sturdy, and repeat for all the grids until it is done.

Lay out a row of grids as long as the cage (e.g. if you have a 2 by 4 C&C cage, the row of grids should be 4 grids long). Now, secure the grids together on the top and bottom of each grid with zipties. Repeat this until all of the grids are connected.

Repeat until there are as many of these rows of connected grids as the cage is wide (e.g. if you have a 2 by 4 C&C cage, you should make 2 rows of connected grids). Overlap each row of grids by 4 squares.

At the corners where the grids overlap, use two zipties to secure two grids together (repeat at all of the corners where the grids overlap). When you are securing the center corners be sure to form a cross with the two zipties since this will add support.

Now use grids and connectors to cover half (lengthwise) of the top of the cage. If your C&C cage is an odd number of grids wide, cover a little more than half the top of the cage with grids, for example, if you have a 3 by 4 C&C cage, cover the top of it with an area of 2 by 4 grids.

As a guide, for 2 pigs a size of 2x4 grids is recommended. If you have a single pig you could get away with a 2x3 but pigs should not be housed by themselves. They are very social creatures and crave company of their own kind. Please keep them in pairs or larger groups.

When compared to a pre-made wire cage, they provide much more living space for the guinea pigs.This is extremely important because guinea pigs are very active animals and they need a lot of space to move around. In fact, the minimum recommended size for a guinea pig cage is 7.5 square feet and the C&C cages allow you to do that.They provide your piggies with plenty of room to run, play and explore.Know about the best extra large cages for guinea pigs.Offers more ventilation.C&C cages are made with grids that are placed vertically and cage holes are wide enough to allow air to circulate through the cage freely.This provides more ventilation for your piggies compared to wire cages where the grids are designed correctly.This is important because guinea pigs are prone to heatstroke and they need good ventilation to stay cool. 041b061a72


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