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Where To Buy First Aid Kit

The most responsive first aid kits in the USA, Australia and around the globe, Survival first aid kits tick off every item on your first aid checklist. Offering fully compliant Workplace First Aid Kits, as well as First Aid Kits for home, car, sports, snake bite, travel and everything between - Survival has your safety in mind in every situation.

where to buy first aid kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. Keep at least one first-aid kit in your home and one in your car. Store your kits someplace easy to get to and out of the reach of young children. Make sure children old enough to understand the purpose of the kits know where they're stored.

Consider keeping aspirin in your first-aid kit, as well. Aspirin may be life-saving in an adult with chest pain. If you or someone else has new or unexplained chest pain or may be having a heart attack, call for emergency medical help immediately. Then chew a regular-strength aspirin. However, don't take aspirin if you are allergic to aspirin, have bleeding problems or take another blood-thinning medication, or if your doctor previously told you not to do so.

Prepare children for medical emergencies in age-appropriate ways. The American Red Cross offers a number of helpful resources, including classes designed to help children understand and use first-aid techniques.

You never know when you, a member of your household, or someone at your workplace may be injured, but first aid products can ensure that burns, cuts and scrapes are taken care of properly. By purchasing first aid supplies online, you can save a lot of money, especially when compared to purchasing medical supplies individually. At SOS Survival Products, you'll find a variety of economical first aid supplies as well as bulk first aid supplies. We carry everything from small, individual kits that can be carried in your pocket to industrial first aid supplies, perfect for offices with a large number of employees and factories.

Whether you need a disaster kit for a few people or a large number, we have well-organized and well-stocked kits to help you in critical situations. On our site, you'll find emergency disaster kit supplies include things like ice packs, butterfly closures, trauma dressings, bandages, emergency blankets and eye pads. Our kits also include a first aid manual as well as a carrying case to ensure that your supplies are organized, portable and easy to access.

Care for minor cuts, scrapes and burns with the Johnson & Johnson All Purpose Compact First Aid Kit. This portable emergency kit contains essential first aid supplies, including cleansing wipes, gauze pads, assorted bandages, rolled gauze, antibiotic cream, itch stopping cream, acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack, and more. This first aid kit contains products from leading, doctor-recommended brands, including BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, NEOSPORIN, TYLENOL, BENGAY and BENADRYL. It also includes a first aid guide and a durable, plastic box to keep items accessible and organized. This #1 selling branded first aid kit is for use anywhere - at home, in the car and on-the-go - and offers a great value by saving you over $8 vs. average retail price.

St. John Ambulance offers a wide variety of WorkSafeBC and federally accredited kits that can support your organization no matter the size. Choose from our Level A, B, and C kits, as well as our services in outfitting any first aid station, room, or mobile post.

A fun one of kind collectable Doctor's bag designed first aid kit. The original doctor's bag first aid kit since 2004. Great for a shower gift and first time parents, camping trips and everyone should have one in the trunk of their car. Makes a thoughtful off to college gift to keep your kids armed for the basic first aid needs when away from home. Has a special spot on front to personalize with your family or child's name. Made of durable, recycled plastic so after it's all empty it can be used for all kinds of fun things.

Elkins also suggests attaching a note to your kit with instructions on where to find other items around the house and how to act in specific emergencies. For example, you can use a note to remind you where sugary drinks and foods are kept in case of a diabetic emergency.

A person who is using a first-aid kit in an emergency might need to call 911 for assistance. Having the home or office address written on the outside of the kit itself can give users a handy location reference for 911 operators.

First-aid kits are one place where personal needs and practical skills come together. There are ways to prepare for emergencies that have nothing to do with collecting supplies. This includes learning practical skills that you can use to protect yourself and others.

I found the information in this blog very helpful and informative. As a former medic and current nurse, I would add that the first aid kit should reflect the location and activities it will be most frequently utilized for. If the activity warrants it, the kit should include items such as sunscreen or poison ivy treatments if a lot of time will be spent outdoors in the sun. A first aid kit carried on a hiking trip should include some ace wrap and oral analgesic in case of a sprain or joint injury. Specific medical needs of those utilizing the kit should also be taken into account, items such as a rescue inhaler or glucose gel may be included to support specific medical needs. The kit should also include a source of light such as a small self-powered flashlight or glow sticks. The first aid kit should be able to support a broad variety of common ailments or injuries and also meet the specific needs of those carrying it. The kit can vary from small and basic for a short trip to the beach or day hike to very advanced and specific for a multiday hike in a remote location. Just remember to familiarize yourself with the kit and what is in it. You should also know how to properly utilize everything the kit contains.

I keep a list of contents and the quantity of each item in my first aid kit. I use the list to inventory the kit on the firth day of each month. I list every medical instrument, bandage, dressing, and miscellaneous item. I list every medicine and what it is used for. I keep a list of emergency phone numbers and a list of family members with their medical problems and allergies in my first aid kit

I sincerely thank you and all the comments given. I have been wanting to have a first aid kit for home/auto/hiking but have never been happy with what I find as pre-packaged.This is a huge help for me! Now I can make my own, and the inventory list was a smart idea!!!

Our expert gear testers have spent 7 years reviewing the best first aid kits. Our selection includes 16 top-performing and popular models. Kits are evaluated using a set of standardized metrics to allow us to rank and score them against each other fairly. Our test team is comprised of mountain guides, ski patrollers, and Wilderness First Responders who have a high sensitivity for quality medical supplies. Our trained professionals put these critical pieces of equipment to the test.

If you are looking for solid value, check out the AMK Mountain Series Hiker kit. This small kit is about as wide as a postcard, so you won't have any trouble fitting it into even your tiniest daypack. It weighs in at 10 ounces, and you can lighten it even more by removing the first aid book. We love taking this kit along on mountain bike rides, day hikes, and multi-pitch rock climbs because of how little it is and everything it includes for the price.

If you want a simple first aid kit for everyday needs that might arise, our recommendation is to keep the handy Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .7 in your pack. We carry it with us when heading outdoors for the day to cover anything that arises should we need it, knowing that it doesn't overload us when we don't. It includes valuable pieces in an easy-to-carry container. We also like that it is waterproof and seemed well-built.

This kit is made for fast and light travel and doesn't include a few typical first aid staples like trauma shears, ankle tape (the included tape is too thin), and a CPR mask. Our testers added those items after the fact to create a more well-rounded (but still lightweight) kit. Additionally, the low quantities mean that you do have to refill its supplies regularly. These caveats limited the usefulness of the Ultralight/Watertight .7 to day trips where you won't be straying too far from the trailhead. This kit will support any of your simple first aid situations, but you will want to pack something more substantial for long-distance trips into the wilderness.

This kit is designed to be used on the go and can be hung from the back of a door. It's made of durable material that should resist wear and tear. This kit's main drawback is its layout and organizational structure, which was underwhelming compared to other products. We still feel like this first aid kit has a lot to offer to those who are traveling, especially in foreign countries, and it's small enough that people living out of their luggage should be able to bring it along without going over the weight limit.

The Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Explorer is a great choice for large groups and longer trips. Many of the kits that we feature in our review are for minor, incidental injuries that occur close to home or on shorter day hikes. Since many of us also travel on extended sojourns deep into the forests, mountains, and deserts far away from definitive care, you may need more to really be prepared. This first aid kit provides a more comprehensive set of supplies to deal with heavier bleeding, a wider range of medicines, and extra informational resources to help you select the best course of treatment when you are unable to communicate directly with a medical professional.

The MyMedic MyFAK is the burliest first aid kit we've tested. It looks and feels like something a combat medic might be issued. This kit features the heavy-duty medical gear that most other kits lack. Pressure bandages, saline irrigation tubes, medical-grade thermometers, and trauma shears are just a few of the quality pieces of equipment included. 041b061a72


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