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Since first opening in 2012, Steel Vintage Bikes has become the ultimate destination for rare, classic and Vintage Bicycles. Operating from our workshop and showroom in Berlin, Germany; our love for the golden age of cycling is energised by our desire to connect people to the history, quality and craftsmanship of handmade steel bicycles.

buy classic bikes

If you like bikes or the people who ride them, you need to experience the Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental. Nowhere else on earth will you find four days of action-packed cycling camaraderie and outdoor fun for the entire family. Located in Monterey, California, the Sea Otter Classic is the largest gathering of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts in North America and offers nearly every type of competitive bike racing and recreational tours imaginable. Riders zoom around the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway, traverse the beautiful rolling hills of Fort Ord National Monument or take in the gorgeous coastal views along the Pacific Ocean. The Sea Otter Expo, hub of the event, pulses with several hundred exhibitors displaying new gear, offering product samples, free bike demos and exciting stunt shows. Your favorite professional athletes are also here to share their techniques and sign autographs. No other event gives you such close-up access to your favorite brands and cycling heroes. Everyone will enjoy the Sea Otter Classic!

Fill out the step by step process above to let us know about your classic bike. Once we have a clear picture of your bike wewill get in touch with you to offer you a price. If you agree to the price, we will ask you your preferred method of payment. Finally we will organise a day to collect your bike and finalise payment.

Even better than that, get out there and meet the other owners. By far the best place to do this as a newbie is at one of the big classic bike shows. The biggest is at Stafford, it happens in April and October (October is the one more geared to Japanese and modern classics).

The easiest and probably least-used way to find your classic is to put a wanted ad in among the classifieds or on the appropriate facebook groups and forums (the classic bike magazines are good for this and ads are usually free). Make it clear you are a genuine private buyer, say exactly what you are looking for (but not how much you want to pay) and wait for the phone to ping. By saving the seller the hassle of advertising it you are in a strong position to set a reasonable starting price.

The next generation of classics will be the bikes ridden by or dreamed of by motorcycling's 'class of 97'. The boom in riders that arrived via Direct Access testing, stayed for a few years and moved onto posh mountain bikes. When these guys hit the big Five-Oh in a few years time we'll see prices of Suzuki Bandits, Honda Hornets, grey import 400s and Aprilia RSV1000s go through the roof.

No need to lift and juggle your bikes, just balance your bike on the back wheel, push it in and allow the rack to do the lifting. Got a heavy bike? Just hold the back brake, grab the handlebars and walk backwards to lever the bike onto the rear wheel. An easy motion suitable for people of all ages, capabilities, and strengths.

Steadyrack bike racks can be mounted vertically to almost any wall and will conveniently swivel up to 160 degrees, from side to side, allowing for significant space-saving advantages. Bikes can be overlapped in Steadyracks and stored close together without sacrificing the ease of loading or access to individual bikes.

For limited wall space, you can stagger the height of the racks to overlap your bikes, making Steadyrack the perfect option for apartments and small sheds. Steadyracks can be placed as close as 350mm (1ft 2in) apart. For more information on spacing, see our Wall Placement Guide.

Or go for an older BMW Roadster for something with added power on the roads. You'll find simple models to those with the full luggage extras, perfect for carrying items. The simple design of these classic BMW motorcycles works well with a fully blacked out design.

Even older models are available, like a Bianchi Tonale 175. These bikes offer true vintage style with the flat, low design. A long leather seat offers comfort whilst the lowered handlebars keep you at a low position when riding.

One of the most iconic classic scooters available, Piaggio Vespas are truly timeless. These highly styled, and sought after, scooters are instantly recognisable. The thick rear side with extra padded seats contrasts against the thinner front end that offers space for your legs.

Classic Cycles: From our flagship traditional Princess and Roadster models to the exclusive Guv'nor Path Racer, every one of our cycles is hand-built to exacting standards. The range includes classic bicycles for commuting and leisure riding, as well as adult and children's tricycles that provide stability and pleasure on three wheels. Commercial Cycles: Pashley has supplied commercial and industrial customers with robust and reliable carrier bicycles and cargo tricycles for over 90 years. Our cycles offer fleet operators and other businesses an economical and environmentally friendly alternative for transporting goods and equipment, for postal delivery, and for food vending. Many hotels, leisure resorts and high street businesses also use Pashley bicycles - branded in their own livery - for use by their employees and customers. City Hire Bikes: In recent years Pashley, with its experienced design & development team, have created World-leading products for city and urban hire schemes, including those in use in London and the West Midlands.

Okay, I'm new to e-bikes, and really haven't ridden a regular bike in about 20 years. I'm 40+, and wanted a shortcut to getting back into riding. This bike makes me feel young and stupid again! It really is fun, but for the big hills, I wish it had lower gearing. Has only a 36 tooth max gear, I'm looking to change the gears. I got the 21" frame, and replaced the factory seat and post with a thudbuster and cushion seat after the fact. My weight is 260lbs, I'm 6'2", and this bike with the thudbuster on it is a perfect fit at it's lowest setting. Could have gotten away with a 19" frame, but quite happy with what i've got. Battery lasted to 47 miles when it showed 19% and I put it back on charge. Not bad considering the hills I've been climbing. Overall, bike is fun, price isn't too bad, and it's quiet enough. I'm going to look into changing the gears so that I can climb steep hills more easily. I know it's work regardless, it's just the gears are too tall right now. Bike goes through water fine, but I'd be wary of going over the motor in water height as the battery connectors seem to be low to me. Running tires at 10 psi, it allows me to 'stump-jump' the logs laying over the path without issue. I've had a great time on this bike navigating very narrow trails. When I first got it, it felt tippy... to tall or something, but getting a nice seat on it solved the entire issue for me. Thanks for taking the time to make a good bike, it's nice it's made in Canada as well!

The frame of the bicycle is the steel structure that supports the rest of the components and the geometry of the same, indicates the style of driving, it can have a traditional Dutch bicycle shape, large and with a slight tilt back will allow us to go with an upright driving or a classic Italian bicycle geometry smaller and more manageable but for a very comfortable driving without going so straight back.

To choose a good touring bike is very important to consider all the components, since the cheap bikes are usually assembled with very basic parts that for a more intensive use, can give us problems, let's see some of the most important components for the proper long-term operation of the bike:

The frame, there are touring bicycles with steel frame or aluminum frame, a steel frame is the best long-term choice for an urban touring bicycle, steel is flexible, can be repaired and withstands the passage of time very well, the classic aluminum bicycles are lighter, but have less life, and less flexibility so they are suitable for mountain bikes, but not so much for touring bicycles.

The dUTCH BIKES the gears are usually equipped with a single speed, but it is also very common to see retro bikes in Northern Europe with gears built into the hub (such as the Shimano Nexus3). The gears on the rear wheel axle are more expensive, but have 3 main advantages, they do not require any maintenance, you can change gears when stationary and are much more resistant to shocks

Another aspect to take into account when buying a classic touring bike are the accessories included, such as the kickstand, the chain guard, the luggage rack or basket rack, the lights, etc. If you are looking for a classic style touring bike, an important detail is the traditional style spring saddle or the leather grips or grips.

The ALPEN Basecamp is a smart bike storage unit designed to easily and conveniently store your bike while accommodating almost all bike types and sizes, including e-bikes. The Basecamp is weatherproof and has additional space for cycling gear, as well as a charging port for e-bikes. The unit's design is made with durable rotomolded materials and is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA.

width:300px; margin:5px 0px 5px 10px;" align="center">We all have a defining experience that got us into bikes. Perhaps a pillion ride with a parent or an older relative, the heroics of the racers of our youth or just the sight, sound and smell of a bike out on the road and the promises of excitement and freedom it represented. For those other than the most youthful of riders on the road today, the bikes that started us on our Damascene paths to the joys of two wheels are likely to be, like us, 'of a certain age'. And for those of us over 30, those machines will fall under the broader definition of 'classics'. 041b061a72


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