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Kamap Android Witaminka

Sujit sir i had some pics hidden in audio manager then i deleted those pics from program data>android>language>.fr folder. and now i cannot see them in audio manager. I have dumpster installed in my phone and it was a registered dumpster not a trial one. But those did not even showed up in dumpster app. Is it possible to recover those files now? If audio manager does not have any backup option does dumpster has any backup option? I have checked dumpster trash folder also. reply ASAP

Kamap Android Witaminka

It worked! I was able to retrieve my files after numerous login error messages. I cleared the data, reset my password, and retrieved my files. Thanks for your help! I downloaded android recovery file software programs and even tried hide it app support with no success. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to retrieve the files before finding your webpage. I followed the steps and got my files back in minutes. Thank you for posting this information it was extremely helpful!

hello sir I have installed vault app in android phone where backup of vault in phone memory.. By mistakely i transfer all my folder to laptop which also have i am unable to see pics/ video in laptop as well as phone.laptop application doesnot support to open the images..tell me what to do..

sir in present audio manager all the data should be save in Android/com.hideitpro/files/programdata/android/language/.fr but why..?? coz when we uninstall the audio manager all the data should also remove but i use previous audio manager in my previous phone then it will work ok coz in previous phone the data will be stored in a seprate folder bt at this time i was missing my all files coz the error will show audio manager will work stop then i was remove the app nd install then my data will not there in this app.. at present i m using samsung j7 (2016) latest marshmallow can anyone help me..??

Hi there, I would like to know how can I shift my vault to sd card instead of keeping all the data on internal memory. i am aware of the setting to change the vault location by going in the advance settings of hide it pro but sadly the android version 9 miui v11 does not let me access sdcard. all i get is the option to choose any folder in the emulated directory which is the internal memory. please help. 350c69d7ab


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