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In a psychiatric population, cognitive abnormality impacts on intellectual functioning and is often misconstrued as subnormality, i.e., mental retardation. Standard IQ and neuropsychological tests contribute little to the differential diagnosis, which hinges on the question of developmental failure. A developmentally rooted psychometric battery, one that assesses conceptual, perceptual-motor, and social maturity, is proposed as an objective diagnostic method. Research confirms the validity of this approach for distinguishing between psychosis with severe functional vs. developmental impairment, even when matched for IQ. Diagnostic and treatment implications are discussed.


Approximately 6 % of the patients in a mental subnormality hospital were over the age of 65, in contrast to 61 % of patients in a psychiatric hospital. The mean time spent in institutional care was 46.4 years for the mentally handicapped individuals. The level of self care of the mentally handicapped patients was generally better than that of the psychiatric patients. 39 % of the mentally subnormal showed psychiatric symptoms when assessed by a standard interview and 42 % did not appear to be in need of hospital care. 041b061a72


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