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Sles 11 Sp1 Download

[QUOTE=eblis749;58727]Hi,I want to download sles 11 sp1 for PPC64,I found sles 11 for amd64 link =GafTuvg_ldkbut I cant find url of sles 11 sp1 for PPC64 (SLES-11-SP1-DVD-ppc64-GM-DVD1.iso)many thanks[/QUOTE]Hi and welcome to the Forum Let me ask my SUSE contacts to see if can locate a link for you.

sles 11 sp1 download

I need to download SLES 11, but SP4 for PPC64, for LAB. Old customers have this version so I need to do some testing for migration to a new version.I need something like SLES-11-SP4-DVD-ppc64-GM-DVD1.isoThanks

SMT is available as a download to all customers with an active SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription and is fully supported. It is packaged as an add-on product to be installed on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 server. Any SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP3, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux product updated from can be locally supported via a Subscription Management Tool server.

The Security Update for Avamar Virtual Edition and NetWorker Virtual Edition are customer installable. Refer to Link to Remedies below for download and installation instructions.Installation for all other Avamar affected products should be performed by qualified Avamar Support Engineers.The installation process involves shutting down the server software, rebooting all the nodes, and restarting the server software, and so appropriate time needs to be scheduled and allocated to perform this full process.Dell EMC strongly recommends all customers upgrade at the earliest opportunity.To schedule platform security patch installation, or to upgrade your server, contact Dell EMC Customer Support at Refer to the following KB Articles for Security Update (Rollup) Installation instructions:

The driver needed for the Intel Corporation 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) network interfacecontroller (X540-AT2) used in the server is not included in the general availabilityrelease of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP1. To use the server'sbuilt-in 10GbE controller with SLES 11 SP1, an upgraded Intel 10GbE ixgbe driver mustbe downloaded from the SUSE Partner Linux Driver Program (PLDP) web site.

To purchase VMware technical support of SLES for VMware, please visit the VMware Store or call a VMware representative at 1-877-4VMWARE (1-877-486-9273). Outside of North America, please dial 1-650-427-5000.

Some users download the RPM package andinstall it manually and manageupgrades completely manually. This is useful in situations such as installingDocker on air-gapped systems with no access to the internet.

Please note: the Linux* MPSS download files marked '.gz' should end in '.gz' when downloaded; most browsers leave the extension alone, but Windows Explorer may rename the files. If this affects you, we recommend renaming the file to the proper extension after downloading.

Built in - LIS are included as part of this Linux distribution.The Microsoft-provided LIS download package does not work for this distribution, so do not install it.The kernel module version numbers for the built in LIS (as shown by lsmod, for example) are different from the version number on the Microsoft-provided LIS download package. A mismatch doesn't indicate that the built in LIS is out of date.


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