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Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol 2 Free Download

Vengeance Concrete Disco Vol.2: This two years in the making sample collection is a by all means essential for producers who are looking for a ultimate sum up of the whole disco world. The sound library for the concrete club of today is larger than ever and this sample pack delivers a wide variety of styles. You will find everything: from smooth love & disco-sounds to harder-rocking to a bricken 8 bit idm-style sounds. The producers featured in this sample pack are: J. Zacharias, All Floor, Torsten Prüße, Martin Rückert, Andreas Schmidt and Adam Scholz. All sounds are color and tempo dedicated and there you have them: Diva / Wobbledub or Speed Disco in all shades of the rock / metal / alternative styles. More info about the sample pack in the readme file.

Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol 2 Free Download

For people looking for the epic riser and melodic riff-basin, Vengeance Vocal Fills is the perfect solution. The vocal titles and phrases have been developed and are produced in all different styles. The vocalists are from different genres: from jazz and pop to uplifting, soulful and techno. The pitch-shifters for all vocals are pretty accurate. In the vocal loops, also the lyrics are included so you can easily change the lyrics if necessary. The urban vocal loops contain of course also hooks and sometimes some r&b and hip-hop vocals (just for you R&B-fiends :)). As for now there are 17 different urban vocal packs ranging from 80 BPM and 140 BPM at the source. More samples will be added in the future, so stay tuned.

The vocalistic inspiration behind this sample pack was delivered by Sven Erix. As a personal project, the vocalist is active with his own band, the Hard Gospel Company. Their sole aim is to create a whole-new musical style. For Vengeance Vocal Fills, Sven Erix has taken the best from his own performance as a vocalist and compiled the sample tracks into this awesome and well organized vocal pack. So, make use of these amazing vocal samples and create your own tracks with the capital for the next big hit!


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