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Dscraft Nds Rom !FULL! Download Free

Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free: How to Play Minecraft on Your Nintendo DS

Minecraft is one of the most popular and influential games of all time, with millions of fans around the world. But did you know that you can also play Minecraft on your Nintendo DS? Thanks to Dscraft, a DS homebrew adaptation of Minecraft, you can enjoy the creative mode of the game on your handheld device. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Dscraft Nds Rom Free, and what features and options it offers.

Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free

What is Dscraft?

Dscraft is a project created by Smealum, a talented homebrew developer who wanted to bring Minecraft to the Nintendo DS. Dscraft is not an official port of Minecraft, nor is it affiliated with Mojang, the creators of the original game. Dscraft is a tribute to Minecraft, made by a fan for fans.

Dscraft is based on Minecraft Classic, which means it only has the creative mode. In creative mode, you can build anything you want with unlimited resources and no enemies or dangers. You can also explore different worlds that are randomly generated or created by other players.

Dscraft has many features that make it a faithful adaptation of Minecraft, such as:

  • Ability to add and remove blocks

  • Nice terrain generation (including cliffs, plains, small forests, lakes, etc.)

  • Basic cave generation

  • Map streaming from file, meaning really big maps can be used (1024x1024 maps are fully playable)

  • Texture pack support (the game's default texture pack is eldpack)

  • Saving

  • Day/night cycle, clouds, dawn/dusk, stars, etc.

  • More or less dynamic lighting system (torches!)

  • Basic bottom screen (working buttons, inventory)

  • Tons of blocks

  • (Basic) dynamic water

  • Hand

How to Download and Install Dscraft?

To download Dscraft Nds Rom Free, you need to visit the official website of the project: There you will find two versions of the ROM: NitroFS and FAT. The NitroFS version requires that the dscraft folder is in the same directory as DScraft.nds. The FAT version requires that the dscraft folder is at the root of the card. Choose the version that works best for your flashcard or emulator.

Once you have downloaded the ROM file, you need to extract it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You will get a DScraft.nds file and a dscraft folder. Simply drag and drop them to your card or emulator folder. You don't need to transfer the separate worlds folder.

The dscraft folder contains several files and subfolders that are essential for the game to run properly. The most important ones are:

  • The worlds folder: This folder contains several pre-generated worlds for you to explore. You can also create your own worlds using the mapGen program (see below).

  • The packs folder: This folder contains different texture packs that you can use to change the appearance of the game. You can also download more texture packs from the internet and unzip them in this folder.

  • The screens folder: This folder stores the screenshots that you take in the game using the L button.

  • The mapGen program: This program is used to generate new worlds. Simply execute it and follow the steps. New worlds can be installed by copying .map files to the dscraft/worlds folder.

  • The mapUpdate program: This program is used to update worlds made with previous versions of the game to work better on 310811 (the latest version). Simply drag and drop your map file on mapUpdate.exe and let it work for a second; it should create a brand new file.

How to Play Dscraft?

To play Dscraft Nds Rom Free, you need to launch the DScraft.nds file from your flashcard or emulator menu. You will see a title screen with some options:

  • New Game: This option lets you start a new game with a randomly generated world.

  • Load Game: This option lets you load a previously saved game.

  • Select World: This option lets you choose a world from the ones available in the dscraft/worlds folder.

  • Select Pack: This option lets you choose a texture pack from the ones available in the dscraft/packs folder.

  • Credits: This option shows some information about the game and its creator.

Once you have selected an option, you will enter the game world. You can use the stylus to look around and tap on blocks to place or remove them. You can also use the following buttons:

  • D-Pad: Move around

  • A/B/X/Y: Toggle fly mode

  • L/R: Change block type

  • Select: Open inventory

  • Start: Exit game

You can also double tap on the screen to jump or fly higher. To save your game, simply exit it using the Start button.


Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free is a great way to enjoy Minecraft on your Nintendo DS. It is a faithful adaptation of the creative mode of Minecraft Classic, with many features and options that make it fun and customizable. You can download and install Dscraft easily using a flashcard or an emulator, and create or explore infinite worlds with different textures and blocks. If you are looking for a sandbox game that lets you unleash your creativity on your DS, DScraft is definitely worth trying.

What are the Benefits of Playing Dscraft?

Playing Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free has many benefits for Nintendo DS owners who love Minecraft. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can play Minecraft on the go, without needing an internet connection or a powerful device.

  • You can experience Minecraft in a different way, with a unique touch-screen interface and a dual-screen display.

  • You can customize your game with different texture packs and worlds, and share them with other players.

  • You can support the homebrew community and appreciate the work of Smealum and other developers who create amazing games for free.

What are the Challenges of Playing Dscraft?

Playing Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free also has some challenges that you should be aware of before downloading it. Some of the challenges are:

  • You need a flashcard or an emulator to play Dscraft, which may not be easy or legal to obtain depending on your location and device.

  • You may encounter some bugs or glitches while playing Dscraft, as it is not a finished product and may not work perfectly on every device or firmware.

  • You may not be able to enjoy all the features and updates of Minecraft, as Dscraft is based on an older version of the game and may not be compatible with newer versions.

  • You may not be able to play online or multiplayer with other players, as Dscraft does not support these features yet.

How to Get More Out of Dscraft?

If you want to get more out of Dscraft Nds Rom Download Free, there are some things you can do to enhance your gaming experience. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Visit the official website of Dscraft regularly to check for updates and news about the project.

  • Download more texture packs and worlds from the internet or create your own using the mapGen program.

  • Take screenshots of your creations and share them with other players on social media or forums.

  • Give feedback and suggestions to Smealum and other developers who work on Dscraft or similar projects.

  • Donate to Smealum and other developers who work on Dscraft or similar projects to support their efforts and show your appreciation.



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