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[S4E3] Driving Carl Crazy

Edie stops by the Scavo's place to ask how the pizzeria they're opening up is coming along, and Tom offers her a free coupon. While Edie's grateful, she's actually come with an ulterior motive: she would like for Tom to give Austin a job, though he seems less than thrilled about this idea. Tom's heard the gossip going around about Austin having beaten up a guy, but Edie pleads with him because she really needs her nephew out of the house. She explains that ever since Julie broke up with him for cheating on her he's been depressed and mopey, and it's driving her crazy. Tom finally gives in, agreeing to take Austin on as an extra guy in the back and gives Edie a time for him to show up to work. Edie's extremely grateful, though goes on to deny the coupon due to the fact that she doesn't eat pizza; however, Austin working for the Scavos begins causing a rift between Tom and Lynette. Due to Austin being insubordinate, Lynette attempts firing him but this goes forbade by Tom. As it later turns out, Tom finds multiple benefits in having Austin around due to him attracting a lot of younger customers as well as the fact that Edie is including their menue in the welcome packet that she gives out to new homeowners; he doesn't think she'd be so generous if they were to fire her nephew. ("I Remember That")

[S4E3] Driving Carl Crazy



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