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16 Wishes (2010)

Abby Jensen has been planning her sweet sixteen since she was a little girl. She keeps a list of wishes that she wants to come true. When the big day finally arrives, she excitedly adds her sixteenth and final wish to the list: a photo of Logan, her crush. Her parents and her brother Mike surprise her, but she rudely rejects them. Then begins the first of many unusual occurrences, each involving visits from a peculiar woman, Celeste. She first appears as an exterminator when the Jensens' house gets overrun by wasps from a nest that had been building up for 16 years. Celeste saves Abby's wish list, but the family is unable to go back inside their house until the wasps are exterminated.

16 Wishes (2010)

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Abby unsuccessfully tries to make a third wish. Celeste explains that Abby must wait to make new wishes within new hours, and that, at midnight, Abby's candles expire and the wishes she made will be permanent. Abby makes more wishes, causing her to beat her nemesis, Krista Cook, who has the same birthday as her, in a volleyball match, and become student body president. Abby remembers that she needs a dress for her birthday party and decides buy it with Jay, who agrees to pay for it. They are followed by Krista, who takes Jay's wallet when he drops it. She convinces the store clerk that the two are not actually going to buy anything; the clerk kicks them out. Abby uses the 9th candle to make a wish to be treated like an adult, which adds consequences of adulthood that she did not think of. Abby is suddenly not allowed to attend high school anymore, and no one at school remembers her, not even Jay. Her parents buy her a new apartment and leave her to live on her own.

Regretting her wish, Abby unsuccessfully tries to make new wishes and change some. Abby makes a wish for her parents to understand her; her parents do understand her, but under the impression that she is an adult. Abby walks by Krista's Sweet 16 and spots Jay. She restores Jay's memories that they are best friends by showing him the necklace he gave her. However, Jay is unable to help her. Abby talks to Krista, and realizes that she is on good terms with her in adulthood. She also realizes that Jay wanted to be student body president all along. Desperate, Abby returns to her apartment where Celeste appears. Abby talks with Celeste as she tells her how selfish she was for thinking about herself over her friends and family because she didn't realize what she already had. Abby eventually found a loophole through the rules of magic because her last wish was glued on with gum, acting as a "barrier" between the picture and the rules. She switches the picture for a picture of her taken that morning and wishes she could go back to that morning right before midnight strikes.

Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan), who is eager to grow up, has been planning for her sweet 16 ever since she was a little girl. She has a list of secret wishes that she wants to come true. When the big day finally arrives, she excitedly adds her 16th and final wish to the secret wish list she's been keeping: a photo of Logan (Keenan Tracy), her crush.

Abby's best friend, Jay Kepler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), appears and offers Abby a jacket to wear over her pajamas, as she is unable to go back into her house to change. When Abby reaches into Jay's jacket pocket, she finds a birthday present for her from Jay. It is a necklace with a half of a heart saying "BFF". Jay has the other half which he uses as a charm on his key ring. As Jay and Abby go to their bus stop, a delivery truck pulls up, and Celeste comes out dressed as a mail woman and gives a package to Abby. When Abby opens it, she discovers 16 candles and a matchbox. Unwilling to ride the bus to school, Abby lights the first candle and wishes for a new car, the eighth wish on her list. However, her first wish, meeting Joey Lockhart (Joel Semande), the hottest celebrity, is fulfilled. Abby then realizes that the candles correspond to her 16 wishes on her list and that they're each coming true every time a candle is lit.

Celeste later says that after midnight all wishes will then become permanent. Abby lands the attention of Logan, gets a Ford Mustang she's always dreamed of, she gets back at her lifelong nemesis,Krista Cook (Karissa Tynes) by beating her in a volleyball match, then getting elected as Student Body President, even though she didn't sign up for the elections. Also, she is suddenly fashionable, athletic, and popular.

Regretting her wish, Abby tries to look for a solution by going through her wishlist, though none of them are useful. Abby goes to Krista's Sweet 16 and convinces Jay that they are best friends by showing him the birthday present he gave her which restores his memories of her, though, Jay can't help her. Desperate, Abby seeks the aid of Celeste, who is also unable to help her. Celeste then explains that there are several rules of magic, and one of them is that a wish cannot be undone. Abby eventually finds a loophole through the rules, seeing as how her last wish was a picture of her crush, glued on with gum, which seems to act as a "barrier" between the picture and the rules. She switches the picture for a picture taken that morning of her and wishes she could go back to that morning.

Abby's life then goes back to normal. Abby throws her wish list away and gives her money to Mike for a guitar. Abby finds Krista carrying posters saying 'Vote For Krista.' She and Krista reconcile after Krista tells Abby that she dislikes her because she took Jay away from her as a friend. Abby and Krista stop competing and work together to make Jay Student Body President, fulfilling his dream. Abby and Krista have a joint birthday party. Krista and Logan become a couple, and Mike's talent is recognized. Abby tells Jay that she has no more wishes, and they kiss. Celeste then turns into a fairy and flies away. The couples - Abby and Jay and Krista and Logan - then dance together at the party.

Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan) has lived her whole life in anticipation of her 16th birthday, when she's sure that all of the dreams on her birthday wish list will come true. When a mysterious visitor delivers a unique set of birthday candles, she discovers that lighting them corresponds with making some her dreams a reality. A new car and the attention of the cutest boy in school are all fun and games until one of her wishes has unexpected -- and unwanted -- results, leaving her racing the clock to figure out how to get her old life back.

Flipped (2010) is a romantic comedy film based on a book (Wendelin Van Draanen's 2001 novel). When they meet in second grade, Juli Baker has a huge crush on Bryce. Bryce doesn't feel anything back and tries to avoid her. He tries to get rid of her by dating someone else. They end up breaking up, making Juli want him back. Then we see what happens when eighth graders start to have feelings for each other, and they're total opposites. I personally really enjoyed this movie. I think it's a really cute and sweet film. It takes you down memory lane of your childhood and your first crush. The main actors did an amazing job, and both played their parts right. I liked the way you could see what each character was feeling. It's a heartwarming film filled with puppy love. They put so many details in the movie that it feels like you're living in their world.

A 16 year old girl prepares a list of 16 wishes for 8 years, hoping they will come true on her 16th birthday. A fairy comes to give her 16 candles that make the 16 wishes come true. Her wishes go the wrong way and are permanent when midnight comes. She has one final wish to reverse her previous wishes. I watched this movie with my daughter. A cute story about being careful what you wish for. This is a day that Abby Jensen will never forget for many reasons. Makes you realize how important it is to treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

A 16-year-old has the chance to make her 16 birthday wishes come true when a magical fairy gives her 16 candles that can fulfill her wishes. But when her wishes go the wrong way, she must find a way...Read more to use the last candle to bring everything back to normal before midnight.

A 16-year-old has the chance to make her 16 birthday wishes come true when a magical fairy gives her 16 candles that can fulfill her wishes. But when her wishes go the wrong way,...Read more she must find a way to use the last candle to bring everything back to normal before midnight.

16 Wishes (2010) (movie): Abby's made a 16 wishes list for her 16th birthday. She gets 16 magic candles - 1 wish per hour. Things are fine in the beginning. Discover the latest Discussions, Reviews, Quotes, Theories, Explanations and Analysis of 16 Wishes (2010) below

As an older brother to a younger sibling who frequents Disney Channel fare, I often sit down with her to watch certain Disney movies/shows. Some I enjoy, while others (like this one) are just a bit too contrived/silly to draw in anyone but the youngest of viewers.For a basic plot summary, "16 Wishes" tells the 16th birthday story of Abby Jenson (Debby Ryan). When her big day gets off on the wrong foot, Abby is granted 16 b-day wishes by a magical being. As the wishes mount, Abby begins to realize what a 16th birthday really SHOULD be all about.In pretty much all cases, current Disney fare walks the fine line between charming and cheesy. The good stuff (e.g. High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place) stay charming, while the others descent into contrived silliness. In this case, the storyline is just too predictable to ever really suck you in.On a more positive note, the acting in this film is very watchable. Ryan may just be the next big Disney star (for better or worse), while Jean-Luc Bilodeau (of Kyle XY fame) nearly steals the show as Abby's best friend. The "villain" of the story is way too over-the-top, but other than that the characters are quite well done.Basically, this is a flick for younger children (no questionable material) and the earliest of pre- teens. Viewers of any older age will realize the silliness and tune out before reaching the finale. 041b061a72


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